Monday, 8 April 2013

Storyboards and Coverage

The Script has been finalised and cut up into sections for us to storyboard. I get the first half of the all important interrogation scene. We have cut it into two, the first half being a calm interview and the second half starting when the crucial piece of damning evidence is brought to light. As this is the climax of my half I am going to build tension to this point with two long tracks inwards on both the detective and Brad. To cut between I will use a simple two shot. We talked about the second half and thought abuot using ECU's to show the tension with a quick cut rate. To prelude this I thought the first shot of the section would be nice as an objective close up of the tape recorder.

I also had a chance to look at one of the handouts that addresses a method of checking how much coverage you have of each scene. You draw a line representing each shot by the side of the script showing how much of the scene it covers. This lets you ensure you dont miss anything and looks like an excellent exorcize. Whilst its something I may do for longer pieces in the future it seems a little redundant for this project as 3 of my shots cover the whole of my section and the other is more of a cutaway.

We have also started gathering props for shooting, I have the boiler suits for the crime scene, with all the props I think it will be a convincing and decent shoot.

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