Thursday, 14 March 2013

CPR Shooting lesson

This week we helped the cpr group shoot their project, it was a busy and cramped set but I managed to stay around the camera and observe for the first part and then shoot for the last few shots. Whilst it was a tough and long lesson with so many people bumbling about, around the camera it felt fairly professional and working around the lights within the set was a great experience. I loved the look of the follow focus rig that was on the 5D, I would love to get one for my own 600D it looks very helpful. I also found out how different the 5D is to the 600D which I use, its only a case of working out which button is which and finding my way though the menus but it is quite different. When I film for my own project, hopefully in the studio, I will translate a lot of what I learned such as lighting the background and tweaking for the character ext.

We also got a handout this lesson which shows a way of writing out what coverage you have, it took me a little while to understand it but now that it makes sense it looks extremely helpful. I'm going to apply it to the part of the script that I am shotlisting and storyboarding and upload it later.